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Who We Are

We are a student led charity (no. 256146) based in Fulton House at the heart of Swansea University's Singleton campus. We are an enthusiastic and dedicated bunch, spending our time on 27 different projects in the Swansea area.
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The Swansea-Siavonga Partnership

We have 27 different volunteering project opportunities

The Important Parts

Situated in Swansea we carry out all of our volunteering operations in the local area. We are proud to be based at Swansea University's Singleton campus and have a great view of the beach! We are unique because we are a charity run completely by students. However, we do have 4 great full time staff that help to keep us on track. Way back in 1966 when the miniskirt was all the rage and the first US spacecraft orbited the moon, a group of Swansea University students set out to change the world as Swansea Volunteer Service was formed to make a real difference in the community. Over the years the organisation has changed its name to Student Community Action and now Discovery Student Volunteering Swansea

Founded in 1966 we have been a long running charity in the Swansea area. For five decades of helping the elderly, taking children away on trips, gardening, decorating and much, much more the organisation is proud to celebrate its 50th birthday.As our project list has grown we have decided to split our activities into several sections: Involve, projects volunteering with the elderly and vulnerable adults; Interact, hand on projects; Inspire, projects volunteering with young people; International, a project twining work in Swansea and Siavonga; The Supported Volunteering Scheme, a volunteering project working alongside adults with learning disabilities.

Discovery has achieved several volunteering accolades, including the Queen's Award for Volunteering Service, the highest achievable award for any charity. We also hold the Investing in Volunteers standard.

Discovery aims to: Enrich the lives of people in Swansea in order to fulfil their potential as empowered individuals and as members of groups and communities. Offer new experiences and opportunities through a broad range of student led activities in the community leading to increased mutual understanding and equality. Actively support students to be aware of their personal development and the impact on themselves and the lives of others through their involvement in community based activities.

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Discovery Team

Eleanor Norton

Managing Director
Eleanor is an organised and energetic person. She keeps us on track and volunteering effectively.

Vixie Barker-Williams

Volunteer Manager
Vixie puts up with all the questions, but has all the answers. She makes sure all the projects run smoothly and safely.

Kirsty Rowles

Supported Volunteer Manager
Kirsty runs our Supported Volunteering Scheme and our Staff Volunteering Scheme. Pop in or make an appointment to see her to discuss how volunteering can be accessible for you!

Sian Rabi Laleh

Volunteer Recruitment and Office Support Worker
Helping everyone get started on their volunteering journey and the face of the office at our front desk.

Ben Sangraksa

Finance Officer
Ben is a finance student who is doing a year in industry with us. He controls our money and keeps us on the straight and narrow!

Declan Heather

Student President
Declan is a Politics and Social Policies student. He is a calm and sensible character providing a great lead to the organisation.

Bethany Redhead

Beth is a English Language student here at the uni. She is also our secretary, keeping diligent records of meetings and actions.

Ludovica Tromontin

Student Trustee
Ludo is a International Relations Student here at Swansea. She is a great team member and

Memphis Bayley

Student Trustee
Memphis is a English Literature student. She is calm and collected and inputs greatly into the charity running.

Peter DRozario

Student Trustee
Peter is Social Policy student at the uni. He is diligent character and involved with many groups. Bring great knowledge and connections to the group.

Liam Kelleher

Student Vice President
Liam is a PhD student at the uni. Flexible with his time he is often found in the office.

Phil Brophy

Non-student President

Andrea Mateo

Non-student Vice President

Mike Buckle

Non-student Treasurer
Mike is a lecturer in finance at the university. He has years of experience managing finance and is a key player on our finance team.

Sarah Spencer-Chapman

Non-student Trustee
Sarah is a lecturer and practitioner in osteopathy. Sarah has spent a wealth of time in voluntary organisations and provides us with level headed guidance.

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