A Karaoke Party

The RASCELS project works with young people from asylum seeker and refuge backgrounds, providing them with various fun activities and opportunities. This Saturday I had a great time volunteering on the project. We all met at the Waterfront Museum from where we headed off on a lantern parade that had been organised as part of the Our Abertawe festival that had been happening throughout that day. The Our Abertawe event was to celebrate the diverse range of communities that live-in Swansea and bring them together. After the parade, ending in Castle Square, the RASCELS group went on to Kaspas desert restaurant. From ice cream to crepes everyone had plenty of sugar and a really good time.




Last Wednesday the Active 18 groups had great fun at a Karaoke party, to tell you all about it here is Emma who organised the whole event.

Emma’s Event Planning Experience – Karaoke Party

We had the event in a room within the Technium Building. Before the party began, we placed bunting on the walls and put food out, which we prepared earlier on the tables. After we finished preparing the room everyone arrived and it was so nice to see everyone!

We danced and sang a lot, I also street danced to Will.I.Am and everyone joined in. I got to know so many new people and volunteers; like Emilia, Emily, Andy, Carlos, Natalie etc., they helped me to prepare the room and also enjoyed the party just as much as me!

It was amazing to see everyone having such a good time and get together to laugh, dance and sing. Planning my own event was the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life! It was nice to spend time with Emily over the weeks preparing it!

I stayed focused on organising the food and entertainment. I also made sandwiches for everyone for the first time, and I spoke to the caterers. I also made my own invitations to send to everyone individually.

I could have invited more people to my party and I could have gone around telling people about it in person and sent posters to people from other areas.

The best part was working with all the volunteers and seeing everyone have such a fun time. I loved being able to put my ideas into reality!!




Another Discovery project is Gardening and Decorating. Recently the project made the news with an article in the South Wales Evening Post about their work brightening up an activity centre for The Friends of the Young Disabled.

Work for the Gardening and Decorating project never stops: recently they achieved a total of 500 volunteer hours since the start of the academic year! They have nearly finished painting the wall mural for the study area of a new homework club in St Steven’s church.



As we mentioned last week the new student trustees are beginning to take up their roles, but we are one member of the team short: we need a student treasurer! The student treasure will be jointly responsible for financial matters of Discovery: raising funds, applying for funding, recommending what we should be spending on and more…. Interested? For more details see here or to apply email discovery@swansea.ac.uk before the 10th of march.

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