The Discovery Awards

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Last Wednesday volunteers from across all our projects gathered to celebrate a fantastic year of voluntary work by Discovery. It was an opportunity to say thank you to everyone that has helped in so many different ways to make such a success of everything we do and help improve the lives of people across Swansea.

After a delicious meal made from surplus food, kindly prepared by campus catering, it was time to give out some awards. Obviously, we appreciate all our volunteers enormously and every one of them deserves an award, but Discovery gave awards to a few of our volunteers that have made an outstanding contribution this year.

All the awards have a Harry Potter themed name (as most of us are fans).


The Dumbledore’s Army Award

This award is for teamwork, it was given to the Lamas team of volunteers on the COP project. This project works with South Wales Police on a variety of crime prevention initiatives, so it’s really important that they all work together and look out for each other when out on the project.


The Fawkes Award

This award is for the most improved project. It was awarded to the LEGO club, they facilitate LEGO therapy sessions at a special needs school to help the children develop their teamwork and social skills.


The Nevil Longbottom Award for Bravery

This was given to Farrah for overcoming shyness to become the project coordinator for Brynmill Buddies and giving a speech at out AGM.


The Prefect Award

Project coordinators are a very important part of Discovery, they are responsible for organising many aspects of their project such as activities, transport, volunteers and risk assessments. This award is for our top project coordinator and goes to Chelsea Reilly and Ben Sangraksa the joint project coordinators on the Kid’s Away project. They have done amazing work organising all the trips for the group from rock climbing to swimming.


McGonagall’s Transfiguration Award

This is for the most improved volunteer during the year. Andrew Barnes was awarded this for his development throughout the year, form starting by updating the website and writing the blog to volunteering on a number of the Inspire projects and even leading a drama session for the Active 18 group.


Hermione Granger Time Turner Award

Most of our volunteers are university students and know all to well it can be difficult to balance the demands of study with volunteering. This award is to recognise those who have contributed the most hours to Discovery and was awarded to: Stefania Cobbmah, Peter D’Rozario and Gemma Maguire.


Fundraiser Award ‘Sponsored by Gringotts’

Money is something that we need in order to run as a charity, so fundraising is very important. This award was given to all the volunteers on the Supported Volunteering Scheme for their excellent work making and selling various craft items such as Christmas cards and bracelets.


‘The Chosen One’ Award

This is given to our Volunteer of the Year and was awarded jointly to Sarah Losh and Cameron Morgan-Beattie who are the project coordinators on the Inside Out project.


‘Honour of Hogwarts Award’ for Outstanding Contribution

This was awarded to Liam Kelleher and Alice Phillips. Liam runs the Gardening and Decorating project and Alice runs Food Swansea; as well as these roles they are both always happy to help doing whatever needs done and have contributed enormously over there time with Discovery.


The ‘St Mungos Award for Health and Safety of Muggles’

Keeping all volunteers and service users safe during projects is of paramount importance. This award goes Josh Hale for his valuable contributions in this area.


The Great Hall Award

The Food Swansea project aims to reduce food waste, one main part of this is the Waste Free Wednesday event. This would not be possible without the help and commitment of staff from campus catering who kindly prepare all the surplus food for us. This award goes to them, thanks guys.


Finally, throughout the year we have been running a house points system to reward volunteers for fantastic effort beyond the normal scope of volunteering. The average points (points divided by members of the house) for each house were calculated and the winner is …. Slytherin House; followed by Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor Houses in that order. So congratulations to all of Slytherin House.


Well that’s it! It has been a fantastic year, thank you to everyone that volunteered with us this year, we hope to see many of you again next year as well as some new faces. This will be the last post for the summer, but we will return in September to update you on what will be happening for the next year in Discovery.